COVID-19 Library Access Policies

Reopening Policies

Updates/Additions to Collingswood Public Library Policies: February 2020

Due to the continuing State of Emergency, current library policies are being updated to comply with current Executive Orders and recommendations of the County Health Department and can be updated at any time as the situation evolves.

Circulation Policy

Extended use fees will be reinstated as of October 12, 2020. The time that materials spend in quarantine after being returned will be counted as a grace period, so no patrons will receive late fees if items are returned to the book drop by their due dates.

Meeting Room

During a pandemic health crisis, the library’s meeting rooms will remain closed.

Internet and Computer Use

When the library is open to the public during a public health crisis, a limited number of computers will be available to the public to allow for social distancing and cleaning. Computer use may need to be scheduled and time may be limited.

Employee Dress

Employees may be required to wear personal protective masks and gloves while performing duties for the library.

Limiting the Number of Individuals in the Library at One Time

The Library will abide by the New Jersey Executive Orders and work with County Health Officials to determine the maximum number of individuals who safely can be in the library at any given time, and if additional precautions are mandatory.  Staff is preparing for an appointment-only approach depending on guidelines regarding how many people can gather, based on recommended limits.

Patron Conduct

Library patrons over the age of 2 shall be required to wear a cloth face covering (which covers both the nose and mouth) in the building and for contactless pick-up and to practice social distancing.

Quarantining Deliveries and Items Returned by the Public

The Library will quarantine library materials for 72 hours for paper-based items; CDs, DVDs, Museum Passes, and computer games; and plastic covered books.  Board games will not be available during this time, due to the need for extensive cleaning and inventory.

Curbside pickup of library materials

Collingswood Public Library may institute a contactless “curbside” pickup of library materials for as long as the community has a need for this service.


New Jersey State Library: COVID-19 Pandemic Resources and Plans for Library Reopening

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