NJ Library Construction Bond Act

New Jersey voters passed the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act on Tuesday, November 7th! Here’s some information about the Act:

The Act provides $125,000,000 for construction and renovation projects throughout the state of New Jersey. The program will be a 1:1 match of state and local dollars. The goals of the bond act are to upgrade public library facilities to meet community needs and to strengthen New Jersey’s economy by creating job opportunities for New Jersey businesses. The funds will be used for projects such as new construction, repairs, rehabilitation, technology infrastructure, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This legislation was passed with strong bipartisan support in both the NJ General Assembly and the NJ Senate, and was signed into law by Governor Christie in July. Voters approved the state expenditure of funds through a ballot question on November 7.

For more information, check out: http://njlibrariesbuildcommunities.org.

The complete text, legislative history, and co-sponsors of the Act can be found here, on the New Jersey State Legislature website.